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4 Things to Know Before Buying Snowboard

What can be more satisfying than living the life of an adventurer and seeking new experiences? And it is not surprising if snowboarding is on your list. While snowboarding is very exciting, you cannot rush the process of buying a snowboard and end up making the wrong choice. So, before you visit the snowboard shop, it is better to be armed with information. Below are some of the things you should know before going snowboard shopping.

Types of snowboards

The riding you wish to do will determine the choice of a snowboard. The most common types of snowboards are:

All-mountain: The all-mountain snowboards are one of the most versatile board types. So, if you want to take occasional laps in the park, cruise through the groomers, or even have some fun in the pipe, an all-mountain snowboard is the best choice.

Freeride: Freeride snowboards are ideal if you like to explore the groomed runs. These snowboards have a lot of dampness in them, meaning the materials in the snowboard, by absorbing the crud, makes for a smooth ride as you shred the snowy terrain.

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Freestyle: Freestyle snowboards are the best if you wish to develop your skills. And if your riding involves spending more time on handrails and tow-ropes, you fall into the freestyling category.

Split boards: Split boards are ideal for riding in the backcountry. Splitting boarding could be an excellent option as you improve your skill level.

Powder: Powder snowboards help riders make big sweeping turns and float through deep snow easily. So, if you have become quite a pro at snowboarding, powder snowboards will offer you the right amount of thrill you want.

Length of the snowboard

The snowboard size varies, and the one you choose will depend on the riding you want to do and also your body weight and height. Ideally, a snowboard standing next to you must hit anywhere between the nose and the chin.

While choosing the length of the snowboard, you may also want to consider the aspect of stability. Generally, longer boards offer more stability but can be challenging to manoeuvre.

Width of the snowboard

Width is also an essential consideration while buying snowboards. Be careful about your boots when visiting the snowboard shop, as they must fit perfectly within the board. You will want boots that enable you to apply pressure on the edges but not drag in the snow.

Shapes of snowboard

The shapes of snowboards either hinder or benefit the rider, so be careful about the shape you choose. Some of the most common board shapes are:

True twin snowboards: These are symmetrical with equal tails and tips and fit for riding in either direction.

Directional snowboards: The design of these snowboards makes them fit to be ridden in a specific direction. The wide nose, setback stance and softer nose in these boards are ideal for floating in the deep stuff.

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Directional twin snowboards: These boards may have a directional tail and tip with an equal core or a symmetrical tail and tip with the directional core.

Asymmetrical snowboards: These snowboards differ in shape from the front to the back. Hence, be sure to get the board designed considering the direction you mostly ride.

Volume-shifted snowboards: These snowboards maintain the surface area with a broad and short shape. Also, these offer better maneuverability in deep powder for being narrow and long.

The choice of snowboards depends on every individual’s riding preference. So, as you figure out your stance, hop on the snowboard and get out and have some fun.

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