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Characteristics of Light Sky Outdoor Stage Lighting

Outdoor stage lighting is widely used for various purposes, including live performances. Given that this type of lighting is becoming more and more popular, understanding how it might benefit you is crucial. In this essay, you’ll discover five outstanding benefits of Light Sky outdoor stage lighting.

Outdoor lighting for performances

Outdoor stage lighting has more applications than you may believe. In addition to concerts, this type of lighting is widely utilized for sporting events. In addition, it can provide adequate illumination for outdoor activities and corporate/company events.

Three advantages of Light Sky’s outdoor stage lighting

1. Both high and low temperature resistance

When selecting outdoor stage lighting, it is imperative to consider temperature resistance. The purpose is to get lights that can survive both hot and low temperatures. Good news! Light Sky Shark Profile may do so without difficulty. This stage lighting can endure temperatures between -40 and 55 degrees Celsius.

2. IP66 metric

Using the IP rating, closures are rated globally according to their level of protection against environmental hazards. The numbers next to IP represent the stage lighting’s intensity when environmental problems occur. In other words, the rating indicates if the product can withstand diverse effects. The IP66 classification for this outdoor stage lighting indicates that it is waterproof, dustproof, and oilproof.

3.Superior dynamic outcomes

Amazing dynamic effects are merely one of the numerous benefits of Shark Profile outdoor stage lighting. In addition to white, the color wheel contains five hues that can rotate in both directions. Additionally, the illumination can create a rainbow effect. Utilizing seven color effects, the effect wheel rotates in both directions at varying speeds. In addition, there is a kaleidoscopic effect. These dynamic effects are significant because they contribute to the overall atmosphere of the event.


If you are looking for the best stage lights available to buy, Light Sky is an excellent alternative. Our Shark Profile has several benefits, including cost efficiency and temperature resistance. The finest feature of these lights is that they are sturdy, long-lasting, and equipped with a multitude of capabilities that maximize their utility. Remember that your outdoor stage lighting should be resistant to dust and dampness.

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