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Considerations for Installing an Air Source Heat Pump

As eco-friendly heating solutions become more popular due to worldwide environmental trends and legislation, you may seek a cost-effective solution to get you started. Heat pumps are unique and effective solutions for this purpose. Heat pumps have lower running costs and a more stable functioning, which can save money on maintenance. In addition, YKR is one of the best air source heat pump suppliers, so you can choose it if you want to buy an air-source heat pump.

Where Should My Heat Pump Be Installed?

First and foremost. Where should your heat pump be installed? A heat pump outside the unit should ideally be positioned in an open space with lots of air and no plants nearby. Installing a heat pump in an open room will allow for more air intake and make servicing, maintenance, and cleaning easier. Also, because heat pumps create noise, leave at least 1 meter between the heat pump and the property borders to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

Which Heat Pump Is Right for Me?

A variety of criteria should be considered when selecting a heat pump, including the local climate, the size of your home, and the quality of insulation. LG’s monobloc, split, and hydrosplit systems have air-source heat pumps, also known as air-to-water heat pumps (AWHP). To begin, you should select a heat pump that can match the heating requirements of your existing underfloor heating, radiator, or FCU system. If you need more room inside your home for an indoor unit, a monobloc system is better because all of the components are contained in the outdoor unit. If you don’t have enough room for a separate hot water tank, an Integrated Water Tank (IWT) system that merges the indoor unit and water tank may be the best option for your home. A split system may be preferable if you have limited outdoor space because the outdoor unit is smaller than a monobloc. If you are concerned about refrigerant leaks, hydrosplit and monobloc systems transfer only water into the house, eliminating refrigerant dangers.

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