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Empowering Business Education and Research Excellence at the Faculty of Business: ACEM

ACEM Faculty of Business is dedicated to fostering an environment of excellence in business education and research. With a distinguished faculty directory, student-centered approach, and impactful thought leadership, ACEM is at the forefront of advancing business knowledge and preparing students for success.

Faculty Directory and Expertise

ACEM boasts a diverse and accomplished faculty that forms the backbone of its academic prowess. Comprising experienced professionals and accomplished scholars, this esteemed faculty brings a wealth of expertise to the classroom. From finance to marketing, management to supply chain, ACEM’s faculty members cover a wide range of disciplines, ensuring comprehensive learning opportunities for students. Moreover, their exceptional qualifications have earned them national-level recognition, securing prestigious grants that support cutting-edge research initiatives.

Engaging Student-Faculty Interaction

At ACEM, students benefit from direct access to renowned scholars and industry experts. This close interaction fosters a stimulating intellectual environment where students can engage in meaningful discussions, seek guidance, and gain valuable insights. Collaboration is encouraged, providing students with opportunities to work alongside faculty members on research projects and real-world business challenges. The faculty’s commitment to student success extends beyond the classroom, with mentors who are invested in nurturing the talents and ambitions of future business leaders.

Thought Leadership and Dissemination

ACEM’s faculty members are thought leaders in their respective fields, continuously contributing impactful insights and groundbreaking research. Their expertise resonates not only within academic circles but also among business leaders, governments, professionals, and the media. Through conferences, seminars, and publications, ACEM faculty disseminate their findings and engage with a wider audience. The faculty’s extensive publication record includes high-quality papers, international case studies, and contributions to prominent journals, cementing ACEM’s reputation as a hub of knowledge creation.


ACEM Faculty of Business stands as a beacon of excellence, prioritizing collaborative research, student-faculty engagement, and the dissemination of thought leadership. By nurturing a dynamic learning environment and fostering meaningful connections between students and faculty, ACEM prepares business professionals who are equipped to navigate complex challenges. With its unwavering commitment to advancing business education and research, ACEM Faculty of Business remains at the forefront of shaping the future of the business world.

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