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Empowering IVD Companies with Advanced In Vitro Diagnostic Solutions

With their expertise in molecular and immunological techniques, Tsingke has served thousands of IVD companies, earning recognition for their stable quality and high cost performance. From design to product development to final production, Tsingke applies principles from biology, chemistry, and artificial intelligence to deliver assays with exceptional sensitivity and specificity. By partnering with Tsingke, IVD companies can streamline their test development process, meet regulatory requirements, and save valuable time and costs.

Advanced Assay Development Process

Tsingke’s assay development process integrates cutting-edge technologies and interdisciplinary subjects. By combining biology, chemistry, and artificial intelligence, Tsingke ensures the design and development of assays with high levels of sensitivity and specificity. This allows IVD companies to deliver diagnostic tests that provide accurate and reliable results. Tsingke’s experienced developers guide the entire process, from the design stage to large-scale production, ensuring regulatory compliance and supply chain security. With Tsingke’s advanced assay development, IVD companies can stay at the forefront of diagnostic testing and provide innovative solutions to healthcare professionals and patients.

Critical Fit-for-Purpose Materials

Tsingke understands the importance of critical fit-for-purpose materials in the IVD industry. Their dedicated developers work closely with IVD companies to identify and leverage materials that meet regulatory requirements and supply chain security. By using these materials, IVD companies can minimize changes during large-scale production, saving significant time and cost. Tsingke’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures that the materials they provide contribute to the overall excellence of diagnostic products. IVD companies can rely on Tsingke’s expertise to optimize their supply chain and deliver high-quality diagnostic solutions to the market.


Tsingke, a trusted partner in the IVD industry, offers advanced in vitro diagnostic solutions to empower IVD companies. With their expertise in assay development and critical fit-for-purpose materials, Tsingke enables IVD companies to develop accurate and reliable diagnostic tests. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and interdisciplinary subjects, Tsingke delivers assays with exceptional sensitivity and specificity. Their commitment to quality and regulatory compliance ensures that IVD companies candeliver innovative diagnostic solutions while saving time and costs.

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