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How to Play Uno Okvip in detail for those new to the game

How to play Uno Many people learn about it because of its interesting and somewhat special rules. Accordingly, this is a game from abroad and is still quite new to young people in Vietnam. Next, let’s explore with bookmaker Okvip how to enjoy entertainment with this interesting game.
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Introduction to the Uno card game

Uno is a fighting game in the boardgame genre that is quite famous and widely known internationally. The name of this game also means one. Because its main form of playing is playing one card at a time, not playing in pairs or threes like other games.

How to play Uno begins with the use of a separate specialized deck of cards including numbers, symbols and colors. The numbers on the cards will be determined from 0 to 9 and are tied to the principles of the game. Thanks to the uniqueness from the fighting style to the game rules, Uno has gradually become a favorite game of many people.

How to play Uno from A to Z for beginners

To start a game of Uno, you need to learn a lot of content related to this game. From the rules, preparation stages to each principle, scoring methods are all closely related to each other. Therefore, right here we will introduce to you all the content related to how to play Uno.

Basic game rules

Basically, the rules of Uno originate from the 4 main colors specified in the card: green, blue, red and yellow. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the numbers on the card to play them according to each specific situation. Accordingly, with cards bearing the + sign, such as +2 or +4, if the next person cannot give a card with the same value, they will have to draw more cards.

Preparation stages in playing Uno

To start a Uno game, if the number of participants is large, you must prepare 2 decks of the same card. Remember to stir-fry evenly so that there are enough pieces to give out to everyone. Each participant will be randomly dealt 7 cards after they have been shuffled. The remaining number is placed face down and used for drawing, the first game will also be started by flipping a random card.

How to play Uno card

After completing the preparation steps for a game, the game will officially begin. Each player will take turns playing each card in successive order with the content of the cards matching the previous player’s card according to 2 principles:

  • Principle 1: Play according to the colors and accompanying numbers on the card surface. Accordingly, you need to show a card with the same number or the same color as the piece that the previous person played. If there are no suitable cards, proceed to draw one more card from the remaining cards.
  • Principle 2: Play the function cards included in playing Uno, including those with special symbols and symbols +2, +4. The black card can be played any time you want, the remaining cards will have to comply with rule 1. When you have exactly 1 card left in your hand, you need to shout “Uno” to notify them. Everyone knows they’re about to reach the finish line.

Scoring rules belong to how to play Uno

After one person plays all the cards, the game will officially end. Those who still have pieces in hand will have to add up their points and these points will be transferred to the winner. The scoring convention for playing Uno is as follows:

  • For cards with numbers on the face: Points = numbers on the Uno cards.
  • For cards with a + sign such as +2 or no turn or change of direction, it will be counted as 20 points.
  • For leaves with color change and +4 features, it will be counted as 50 points.

Note when participating in playing Uno

To become an expert Uno player, pay attention to a few important things:

  • When playing Uno, when starting out, try to play all the high-value cards to increase your score.
  • Black cards carry many powerful and rare functions, release them at the right time to cut down your opponent’s cards.
  • Always pay attention to calculating each step carefully to avoid drawing too many cards.


Above is all the content surrounding how to play Uno with all the information Okvip provide. If you want to play this game well, in addition to learning the rules, equip yourself with the necessary skills to increase your winning rate. Each version of Uno will have different content and gameplay, so please be flexible in finding out information before starting.

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