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kitchen waste has increased significantly

The reporter learned from the press conference on the first month of the implementation of the “Beijing Municipal Waste Management Regulations” held on the 2nd that in May, the daily separation of kitchen waste in Beijing increased significantly. Among them, the average daily distribution of household kitchen waste reached 740 tons, an increase of 159% from April, and the average daily distribution of kitchen waste by catering units was 1,263 tons, an increase of 98% from April.

Kitchen waste is a difficult point in waste classification. Li Rugang, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management, said that after publicity and mobilization, the amount of household kitchen waste in Beijing gradually increased in May. Among them, the average daily separation volume of household kitchen waste was 451 tons in the first ten days of May, 729 tons in the middle, and 1013 tons in the late May; the average daily separation volume reached 740 tons, an increase of 37% compared with May 2019. As kitchen waste and recyclables continue to be collected, transported and disposed of, the daily volume of other waste in Beijing in May was 21,800 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 14%.

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In addition, the configuration of barrel stations in various residential communities in Beijing has also been continuously improved. Li Rugang said that from the inspection situation, in early May, the allocation rate of barrel stations in various residential quarters was generally 60% to 70%. Recently, the allocation rate of bucket stations in various districts has gradually increased, and more than half of the districts have reached 90%.

Since May, various districts in Beijing have combined epidemic prevention and control with garbage classification, gradually increasing the number of garbage classification instructors, and mobilizing “double registration” party members, volunteers, building gatekeepers, and alley housekeepers to serve as garbage classification instructors.

“The garbage classification work is gaining momentum. However, through supervision and inspections, many problems have also been found.” Li Rugang said that the problems are mainly concentrated in some communities without public signs, unsorted containers and unupdated signs, and insufficient on-duty personnel. The next step will focus on urging all districts to implement rectification. (According to Xinhua News Agency reporter Guan Guifeng Tian Chenxu)

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