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More Intelligent Defibrillator: Introducing Mindray

Mindray has a deep understanding of the technology and operation of AEDs, which has made them a professional and industry-leading AED company. Unlike general external defibrillators, AEDs emphasize the word “automatic”.

What’s the core technology of AED?

The core technology is the automatic recognition of abnormal heart rhythms, which requires a highly accurate signal recognition capability. The final step of the defibrillator is to release an electric current to eliminate the disturbance of the heart’s electrophysiological rhythm to allow the body to restore sinus rhythm. The size, frequency, energy, and phase of the ‘current’ here are all important.

Mindray has optimized its products in these areas.

Advanced Mindray

Mindray’s products are at the forefront in terms of overall device integration and power consumption control, device standby life and continuous operation time, and myocardial damage. The use of experience and safety is Mindray’s primary consideration for the product.

In addition, Mindray’s AED perfectly solves the problems of “accidental shutdown”, “difficulty in stripping disposable defibrillation electrodes”, “inability to automatically cut off power”, and “inability to start the device” during patient treatment. “, “the device cannot start voice prompts” and other reasons.


Mindray‘s high-quality AED solves the pain points of the market’s emergency and difficulty and enables the product to truly achieve a practical, high-quality collection. Seek detailed information about their high-quality AED at their official website.

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