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Unleash the Efficiency of Wellead Medical’s Access Sheath for Enhanced Stone Treatment

Wellead Medical presents their advanced Access Sheath, the ClearPetra System, designed to revolutionize the treatment of urinary stones. This innovative system utilizes Negative Pressure Aspiration through an oblique side port on the ClearPetra sheath, delivering effective and efficient stone treatment. With its ability to reduce intra-luminal pressure, prevent stone retropulsion, and improve the visual field, Wellead Medical Access Sheath streamlines the stone treatment process. Discover how this cutting-edge technology enhances stone clearance, saves operating time, and eliminates the need for additional devices.

Effective Stone Clearance and Enhanced Visual Field

The ClearPetra System by Wellead Medical ensures improved stone clearance during procedures. Stone fragments are aggregated at the distal end of the ClearPetra sheath, eliminating scattering, and facilitating their removal through the oblique side port via continuous suction. This innovative approach improves the efficiency of stone clearance, enhancing the overall treatment outcome. Additionally, under the continuous irrigation and suction provided by the Access Sheath, bleeding and dust storm from stone pulverization no longer obscure the visual field, providing surgeons with a clear view for precise stone treatment.

Reduced Intra-luminal Pressure and Prevention of Stone Retropulsion

Wellead Medical’s Access Sheath reduces the intra-luminal pressure through the creation of a vortex via continuous irrigation and suction. This reduction in pressure not only minimizes the risk associated with surgery but also prevents stone retropulsion. The Negative Pressure Aspiration technology employed by the ClearPetra system effectively prevents retrograde stone migration while simultaneously removing stone fragments. This dual functionality ensures a more efficient and successful stone treatment procedure.

Simplified Procedure with No Additional Devices Required

The ClearPetra System eliminates the need for additional accessory devices during stone treatment. Traditional tools such as stone baskets, forceps, and anti-retropulsion devices are no longer necessary. With the ClearPetra Access Sheath’s Negative Pressure Aspiration, stone fragments are evacuated spontaneously, streamlining the procedure and reducing the reliance on multiple instruments. This simplified approach saves operating time, enhances workflow, and improves the overall efficiency of stone treatment.


Wellead Medical’s Access Sheath, the ClearPetra System, offers superior stone treatment capabilities by reducing intra-luminal pressure, preventing stone retropulsion, and improving the visual field. This innovative solution enhances stone clearance, eliminates the need for additional devices, and streamlines the treatment process. Surgeons can experience increased efficiency, improved outcomes, and reduced operating time with Wellead Medical’s Access Sheath. Embrace the efficiency and effectiveness of Wellead Medical’s Access Sheath for enhanced stone treatment procedures.

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