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Volleyball betting – Playground for exciting matches

Volleyball betting is one of the attractive genres with high rewards that is sought after by bettors. Since its presence until today, it has conquered many sports lovers. That’s why, today hi888 will share content and standard volleyball betting methods for people around the world.

Volleyball betting and the advantages that attract players

Besides national football, volleyball is also considered a popular sports game in many countries. Since its first appearance, it has caused a big buzz and many people have tried it. Later, volleyball developed into a strong community, many major competitions took place specifically for this subject. 

Especially big tournaments like FIVB – World Volleyball Championship for men and women. Has a global organization scale, comparable to the FIFA World Cup in football. Besides, every Olympic or Seagame season cannot miss the list for volleyball. Thereby, the bookmakers have created many attractive betting odds for you to test your skills in predicting the best football team. 

It can be said that volleyball betting has gradually shown its appeal, gaining a solid foothold in the hearts of world audiences. Although not as diverse as football, these forms of betting are also extremely popular in many stadiums. play. Bringing you the joy of collecting promotions to immerse yourself in volleyball betting. 

What volleyball bets are being held currently?

Not much different from other types of sports betting, volleyball also has some basic bets for you to choose from. Each form has its own content for you to learn, which will bring an extremely special experience. Next, Hi88 will guide and suggest you special volleyball bets. 

Bet on a team to win after full time

This is also called a 1×2 bet in volleyball, but the difference is that there is no draw for you to choose from. Players just need to make an opinion and bet on the team you feel has the highest chance of winning. If what you think is true, you will receive a bonus amount of 1.5, 2 to 3 times your capital.

How is handicap in volleyball played?

With handicap betting, you will also compare and choose a strong team to handicap the other side with a certain scoring rate. From 2, 3, 4 to more are the ratios you can refer to, depending on each bet the house will determine the reward level. Handicap betting is risky, but the excitement when playing will not be lacking, and the profit will also be more than other genres. 

Predict the score to participate in volleyball betting 

In addition to handicap bets and bets on the final winning team, volleyball also allows you to bet on scores. There will be two main ways to play: betting on specific scores (eg 3-2, 4-5, 4-1, 7-5,…) or betting on the total number of goals scored by a certain team. With this method of playing, you must ensure you have a lot of experience and make proper analysis. If you win this bet, you will definitely receive a lot of bonuses, bringing great success. 

Instructions on how to place a valid volleyball bet 

To play volleyball bets, you need to find a bookmaker that does business and organizes this genre. Where there is a guarantee of service quality and high safety, with absolute confidentiality of player information. Thereby, you don’t need to worry and have time to focus on evaluating odds and betting your best.
See :

Hi88 playground is a worthy place for you to put your trust and hope because it has many years of experience and has been voted as a good bookmaker. You can go to the main website for reference and register for a playing account with a few simple steps. Then deposit money to try playing volleyball betting with many major tournaments. 

In the sports betting section, players look for an attractive bet with a high probability of winning and a high reward rate. After that, you should find a team of consultants to better understand the content of that volleyball bet. When you are sure, place a bet, then remember the match information to wait until the match day for easy tracking. 


Volleyball betting brings you unforgettable experiences along with extremely high bonuses. This is a game worth choosing when you want to find a different feeling. New in online betting. It is promised that in the future, volleyball bets will develop more diversely and become more popular. 

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