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What Benefits Can Handheld RFID Reader Bring To Your Business

The fashion industry has a long history of being infamous for its slow embrace of new technologies. In the wake of the pandemic, fashion retail organizations are moving swiftly to improve procedures, cut costs, and increase revenue. It is, therefore, not surprising that more businesses are utilizing handheld RFID readers.


Today, clothes retailers, brands, and organizations manage inventory between brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. Additionally, business owners must promptly order and manage products in accordance with fashion trends. As if these difficulties weren’t enough, the price of raw materials and storage space is increasing yearly. Due to these considerations, luxury brands and small fashion businesses work to increase productivity.

To meet consumer demand without running out of inventory or holding an excess quantity, inventory management is essential. Effective retail inventory management reduces costs and improves knowledge of sales patterns in practice.

Product Suggestion from Urovo: DT50U UHF RFID Handheld Terminal

The DT50U UHF RFID Handheld Terminal from Urovo is a revolutionary, all-in-one, dependable solution for your garment industry. The DT50U RFID readers are a single device that combines RFID and barcode scanning technology. The apparatus can swiftly and precisely read a batch of RFID tags and provide professional code scanning.

About the RFID reader, the DT50U’s integrated 5dBi high-sensitivity RFID antenna can cover a wider scanning range, making it possible to read many RFID labels within 20m quickly. With the help of its self-adaptive interference cancellation (SIC) technology, the gadget can easily recognize high-density labels and deal with challenging situations. However, the DT50U also has a proprietary professional code scanning module that enables it to quickly scan 1D/2D, distorted, damaged, and outdated barcodes from around the world.

Their solutions are appropriate for various office settings (e.g., in-store, back office, and warehouse). The DT50U RFID reader has received IP67 certification. The apparatus has passed drop testing, is waterproof, dustproof, and meets the highest industry standards.

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