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White police officer charged with ‘manslaughter’ protests across the United States

People’s Daily Online, Washington, May 29 (Reporter Zhang Mengxu) Derek Chauvin, a white policeman suspected of violent law enforcement in Minneapolis, United States, was arrested on the 29th, 4 years after the death of African-American man George Floyd days long. Derek Chauvin has been charged with “third-degree murder” and “manslaughter,” and prosecutors will gather evidence and file a formal charge, according to Freeman, the Henapin County Attorney in Minnesota.

According to the video taken by passers-by, Derek Chauvin knelt on the throat of the 46-year-old African-American man George Floyd for more than 7 minutes, even after George Floyd was no longer struggling. Still maintain the original posture for about 3 minutes. Floyd’s friend Corfield said that fortunately there were videos provided by passers-by, otherwise the truth would be completely concealed, and the police would say that the African-American man had been resisting, and the police used force legally.

The Associated Press article said that 44-year-old Derek Chauvin, who has been with the police for 19 years, has twice shot at suspects and received nearly 20 complaints. But only two were punished, and the rest were nothing. The first time, in 2006, was when Chauvin and five other officers shot a suspect armed with a shotgun, killing him several times, and a jury later ruled the police justified the use of force.

The second time, in 2008, was when Derek Chauvin went to an apartment building to deal with a domestic dispute. He shot a man hiding in a toilet twice in the stomach. The man survived and was charged with two felonies. The man later said that he had a dispute with his girlfriend, who called the police. He was afraid of hiding in the toilet. The police broke into the door and tried to get him out. Then he drew his gun and shot.

The Associated Press article also revealed that police Derek Chauvin also worked part-time as a security guard at a nightclub at night. Coincidentally, George Floyd, who was tortured to death by him, also worked as a security guard at this nightclub. The nightclub owner, Maya Santamaria, said he wasn’t sure the two knew each other. Derek Chauvin’s wife said he was a very gentle person after taking off his police uniform.

Although the police fired the four officers involved, it was difficult to quell public anger. On the 29th, the demonstration entered its fourth day. The previous night, people demonstrated overnight and set the Minneapolis Police Department on fire. In addition to Minneapolis and its neighboring St. Paul, demonstrations broke out in dozens of American cities including Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Louisville, Phoenix, and Memphis. The New York Times expects the demonstrations to be even bigger over the weekend.

U.S. President Trump tweeted two consecutive days on the 29th, the first accusing the Minneapolis mayor of being too weak and not controlling the situation. A second tweet said he had called the governor of Minnesota, said the military was with him, and if the looting started, then they could shoot.

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