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Become a Web Editor | Detailed Job Sheet

Do you want to convert to becoming a web editor? The profession of author for the web has been very fashionable in recent years. It is one of the new digital professions. If you were wondering about the real opportunities for this profession, know that all the content you read on the web is written by web editors. So there is work! Whether employed or self-employed, the e-editor searches the web, reformulates, and composes unique content for the sites you read regularly. I propose today to take stock and discover what the job of a web editor entails.

The different forms of writing

Web writing

This is written in the broad sense of the term. All content on the web is affected. This ranges from the product sheet to the writing of fixed pages, from video subtitles to blog articles or even e-books. The mediums are very varied. Depending on their specialization (SEO, copywriting, etc.), web writers have one thing in common: write short sentences in simple language that everyone can understand. Web content must engage the readers so that he does not leave the page or the site on which he is surfing. They must be clear and organized by respecting a precise structure including HTML tags. Writing for the web also means following optimization techniques for natural referencing, therefore appealing to search engines. In addition, the web editor does not investigate. He simply collects known information, rephrases it, and adds some authenticity by telling stories that touch the reader. Thus, it produces unique content never before seen on the web.


This job is similar to that of a journalist in the written press by the Journalist Writing Company. He does research to publish verifiable facts, not to mention that he must refrain from taking sides. He generally uses a much more sustained tone and he writes articles with particularly long paragraphs. Of course, he does not write website pages or even product sheets for e-commerce sites. Like any journalist, he relates current events by supporting his writings with evidence.

Laugh blogging

More personal, the blogger can use the “I” to highlight the arguments of his articles. The blog is the most powerful and least expensive natural referencing weapon. Through his articles, the blogger offers answers to the problems of a specific target while appealing to emotions. Many companies use the blog to be better referenced on Google and to better sell their products. For this, they employ in-house web editors or use the services of a freelance web editor. It is then up to him to create unique articles, to build the internal network of the site and even to use social networks and video to feed the blog according to a precise editorial line.

The author’s mission

We have just seen that authors can write for different digital media. Nevertheless, its task-list includes several crucial points:

  • The research phase: it is a question of collecting all the information that it will have to integrate into its content. Many sources can be used.
  • The verification stage: all the sources used must be reliable. It is necessary to be able to prove your sources, or even to cite them if necessary.
  • The art of reformulation: each content must be unique. The web editor must avoid duplicate content, in other words plagiarism. It is also up to him to respect the editorial line of the site for which he writes.
  • The construction of the internal mesh: put links to other content present on the site (articles, pages, products, etc.). This is essential to make the reader want to stay on the site.
  • Integration into the client’s CMS: it is very common to see clients open access rights to their CMS. The editor then integrates the content himself into the client’s site. myidtravel

The qualities and skills to become a web designer

In addition to a natural curiosity and a good G culture, becoming a web editor involves other qualities:

  • have a pleasant and fluid pen;
  • be excellent in spelling, syntax and grammar;
  • have a good organization;
  • exercise autonomy;
  • to be creative ;
  • be proactive ;
  • know the web integration and WordPress in particular;
  • know the web and social networks;
  • Have the minimum required in SEO.

Employee or freelancer, what career, what income?

The salaried author

Looking for clients and looking for a job are not the same thing at all. If you are looking for a job with the comfort of a salary, I advise you to follow a classic academic course to apply for a position as a web editor. For example, there is the professional SEO and web editor license. You can also take a more future-oriented master’s degree after the web writing assignments, such as the master’s degree in communication and digital technology. These diplomas are often required by company recruiters for such positions. Despite the level of studies often required, the starting salary hardly exceeds 1500 €/month.

The freelance writer

On the other hand, if you want to start as a freelancer, then you have a much wider field of possibilities. Already, you do not need a university education to become a web editor. On the other hand, I advise you to train for this profession by following the training of Lucie Ronde let of the site Formation Redaction Web. This training brings together the 2 essential facets of the freelance copywriter: SEO writing skills and skills to find clients as a freelancer. It is therefore complete to start an activity in web entrepreneurship. With the right method, income can very quickly exceed a threshold more comfortable than that of the beginner salaried web editor. This is what Lucie explains in her video on the income of the freelance writer Microsoft Word

The reality of the profession of the freelance web editor

Often considered a precarious profession, like that of translator, freelance assistant or web designer, it suffers from a lack of valuation. Platforms such as Malt or Text Broker convey a discount freelance image. The queerization of digital professions forces freelancers to provide low-end services in order to gain volume.

The good side of this observation is that training courses like Lucie’s open up broader perspectives. Not only do you learn how to sell yourself, but you can offer services that few copywriters offer on the market. Among them, we can find SEO editorial audits, editorial strategy consulting, support and optimization of existing sites and blogs, etc. This is what the talents of Web do! Get trained and join this new generation of web writing professionals. With a high added value, you do not go through the precariousness often associated with our profession. Visit Naa Songs to find out more information

What you can remember

Becoming a web editor is not a job that can be improvised, but it is relatively easily accessible if you intend to become a freelancer. If you have the qualities necessary to start this new professional life on the right foot, all you have to do is train yourself to consolidate your credibility. Now that you know a little more, do you want to get started? Tell us everything in the comments!

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