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Digital media company GRVTY Media brings together six online publications

Digital media company GRVTY Media has officially launched and is bringing together six online publications in Singapore and Malaysia.

These publications are Vulcan Post, Discover SG, Discover KL, The Playbook, Millennials of Singapore, and Millennials of Kuala Lumpur. The six media brands have a combined reach of over eight million individuals monthly on social media.

GRVTY Media plans to continue to incubate new media brands in new verticals while strengthening the reach and brand value of the existing media assets. Beyond articles and videos, GRVTY Media will also be exploring new content formats, for example, live streaming and social-only content.

Johnathan Chua, business director of GRVTY Media added, “We leverage on the amplification power of our in-house media network, and learning from our existing media brands to build new niche media with highly targeted communities.”

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