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Energy Bank C&I Energy Storage System: Powering Commercial Excellence

When it comes to meeting the changing demands for industrial energy storage in the business world, Tecloman‘s Energy Bank C&I Energy Storage System is a shining example of cutting-edge technology and streamlined process. With its unmatched dependability and performance, this cutting-edge technology is expected to completely transform energy management in business and manufacturing facilities.

Integrated Excellence

At the core of the Energy Bank system lies a fusion of cutting-edge technologies. Long-life battery cells, advanced Battery Management System (BMS) control methods, high-performance Power Conversion System (PCS), intelligent temperature control, and an active fire control system are seamlessly integrated into standardized outdoor cabinets. This integration ensures not only superior performance but also enhances safety, making it an ideal choice for commercial applications.

Technological Prowess

Tecloman’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement is evident in the Energy Bank system. Key innovations include:

Power Electronics Control Technology: Offering high stability and reliable performance, this technology supports multiple scenarios with millisecond-level on-grid/off-grid switching and load-adaptive control.

High-protection Battery Safety Management Technology: Early detection and swift handling are made possible through a 4-level Battery Management System (BMS) and multi-dimensional fire detection and protection technologies.

Expertise in Integrated Technology: Certified by the JTU Rail Certification Center (JRCC), Tecloman excels in high-altitude and extreme cold protection, precise temperature control, and more.

Empowering Commercial Excellence

With Tecloman’s Energy Bank C&I Energy Storage System, commercial enterprises can harness the full potential of battery storage, driving efficiency, sustainability, and profitability to new heights.

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