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Frecon PV200 Series Solar Pumping Inverter: Setting the Benchmark as a Leading Solar Pump Inverter Manufacturer in China

Introducing the PV200 Series Solar Pumping Inverter by Frecon, a pioneering solution that epitomizes excellence in solar pumping technology. As a renowned solar pump inverter manufacturer in China, Frecon has engineered this series to deliver exceptional performance, environmental sustainability, and economic efficiency. Let’s explore its innovative features and benefits, showcasing how they lead the industry as a trusted manufacturer.

Optimized MPPT Algorithm

The PV200 Series utilizes an advanced MPPT algorithm with an accuracy of over 99%, ensuring maximum solar energy extraction. This precision enhances system efficiency, making it ideal for various pumping applications.

Water Management Control

With precise water shortage and full water level control, coupled with fault detection capabilities of the liquid level detector, the PV200 Series ensures seamless operation and reliable water supply. Under similar environmental conditions, it achieves a remarkable 50% increase in water output compared to conventional systems.

Comprehensive Protection

Frecon prioritizes safety with built-in lightning protection, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and overload protection functions. These features safeguard the system and prolong its lifespan, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Environmental Sustainability

By harnessing solar energy to power water pumping operations, the PV200 Series contributes to environmental preservation and sustainability. Its efficient energy utilization reduces reliance on fossil fuels, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.

Economic Efficiency

In addition to its environmental benefits, the PV200 Series offers significant economic advantages. Its minimal maintenance requirements and reliable performance translate to lower operational costs over time. With no additional maintenance burdens, users can enjoy uninterrupted water pumping operations without incurring additional expenses.


In conclusion, the Frecon PV200 Series Solar Pumping Inverter sets a new standard for environmental protection, economic efficiency, and reliability in solar pumping applications. As a leading solar pump inverter manufacturer in China, Frecon continues to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Experience the power of solar pumping technology with the PV200 Series and join Frecon in the journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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