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Hontech Wins’ Precision Agricultural Lighting Solutions for Maximizing Agricultural Yields

Founded in 2009, Hontech Wins specializes in providing customized LED lighting solutions for agricultural applications. With over a decade of experience, the company has tailored its advanced Hontech agricultural lighting products to meet the precise needs of poultry farms, mushroom cultivation facilities, pig farms and dairy cattle operations.

Proven Results for Different Farm Types

For poultry farms, Hontech Wins’ dimmable Hontech poultry lighting systems leverage specific light recipes to maximize broiler weight gain, breeder reproduction and chick demands. Farmers see higher egg production, improved hatchability rates and less chick stress. Their IP67 pig lights and dairy lights utilize spectra tailored for each application. Their Hontech pig lights aim for faster growth and higher immunity in piglets, while their intelligent LED cattle lights generate optimal circadian rhythms and enhance milk yield.

Specialized Design for Agricultural Needs

The company’s portfolio features IP67 rated LED tubes, bulbs and bars in both 230VAC and 48VDC configurations. Their Hontech agricultural lights utilize high-efficiency LEDs and special spectra to promote optimal growth, reproduction and quality for crop yields. Intelligent control systems also enable remote monitoring and adjustment of light conditions. Over the years, Hontech Wins’ agricultural lighting has helped farmers achieve higher yields through optimized lighting conditions for their specific farm types.


Hontech Wins has created it achievable for agricultural businesses to increase performance outcomes through specialized animal illumination catered to their specific requirements. These agricultural LED luminaires are dependable and versatile, developed to maximize various production metrics for diverse animals.

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