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Time management tips for teachers

Teachers often wonder whether they can save time without cutting corners. Time management is important for both students and teachers. Students need to manage their time because they are yet to train their brains to focus on priority-based things. Teachers, on the other hand, what is their priority but they need to be more efficient in how they complete everyday proceedings.

Here are some research-proven tips that educators can use to save time;

●      Save icons on the screen

Did you know that it is now possible to save the icons of websites or some features of an LMS on your home screen? If you frequent some pages for constantly looking up study material resources, or you need to easily access a chatroom from the LMS, an icon on your mobile phone home screen can help you. With a quick tap, teachers can now easily access websites over and over, without having to go through the long process of looking at the saved bookmarks.

●      Podcast

Every institute ERP prioritizes digital learning these days. This means that there are certainly multiple digital forms and features that technological means offer. One such means is podcasts. Just like teachers can upload the recorded versions of lectures and video classes they can now also upload only the audio form of the lectures which is easy to download and listen to.

It might seem that a podcast is the only extra addition to a teacher’s To Do List. But this is for a short run only. In the long run, the podcast that the teacher had taken the time to save will be heard over and over again by students who have doubts about the subject. So, instead of continuously asking the teacher about the same topic, they can listen to the podcast for revision and doubt clearing purposes. If they still have further doubts, they can refer to the teacher. Ultimately the teacher can save time in the future by taking out time at present.

With some extra features and guidance, teachers can now edit their podcasts too to add frequently asked questions by students.

●      Email snippets

Canned responses are widely used by companies to save time. It is a saved form of response over mail that people can copy and paste and even customize to respond to FAQs. Teachers always share their mail addresses with the students so that every child can reach out in case they have a doubt or important question. Some of these questions can be unique for example a student asking for a leave, or credit raise. There are other basic questions that students frequently ask, like the answer to some doubts and common doubt-related questions, schedule-related doubts, and so on. For such responses, teachers can create auto-response mechanisms or email snippets. Now the educator has to copy the ready-made reply and instruct the child accordingly. In case the teacher wants to add something, they can type it out.

People underestimate email snippets because they have not started using them yet. Enduring the right framing of the sentence has been used, with the right instruction and punctuation takes time actually when teachers have to do it at least five times a day. But with this convenience, they can save around half an hour of their work time and still get the job done.

●      Repeat class plans

A class plan or a class schedule is the chronological order in which different subject teachers organize lectures. This schedule usually has unique days, where the same chronological order is not repeated in either of the days. Some institutions also have a half-day or extra classes on Saturday, but that does not come into the original schedule.

Teachers prepared the class schedule before every session, which children follow through their semesters. Besides the schedule, educators are also responsible for preparing the flu for class proceedings, homework that will be assigned, and so on. Do you think they prepare it every semester from scratch? To save their time at the end or beginning of a year, teachers only review previous years’ schedules and edit them. It takes a lot less time than making it new.

●      Take breaks

It is a simple tip that improves the time management tricks of teachers. Working for hours on end without taking a break increase the amount of time required for the teacher to complete the task. By taking a simple break, they can come back with a refreshed mindset and finish the work quickly. This is one tip that is common to students too.

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