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Tips for playing scratch cards – Revealing how to deal 9-button scratch cards

Scratch cards are a familiar game in the lottery world. It can be said that everyone who plays and loves lottery knows this game. Almost all bookmakers and casino floors around the world organize this game. But to have fun and make a lot of money, you should know Tips for playing scratch cards, the secret of how to deal 9-button scratch cards.
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What is a 9-button scratch card?

Scratch cards are also known as three-card cards. The gameplay and rules are considered simple and easy to learn for beginners. This game uses a familiar deck of Western cards and calculates points for each hand. The person with the highest score will win and win all the remaining players’ bets. If you pay attention, you can see that scratch cards are widely played from North to South. The number of players is large, so you can play anytime you want. The winning rate is high, so the 9-button scratch card is always the passion and dream of all lottery players.

 Play 9-button scratch card online

 Nowadays, online playing is gradually taking over. 9-button scratch cards are available at all large and small casino websites. The rules of the game remain the same as in normal gameplay. However, if you try playing online once, you will definitely fall in love with it.

 Playing 9-button scratch cards online can be played anytime without having to go to the casino floor or card playing venue. Just access the online dealer to play immediately. Very quick and convenient. Besides, the payment linked to a bank account also ensures safety, avoiding the risks of cash transactions. In general, playing online is very popular and is the number 1 trend today.

 As a game with a huge number of players, most bookmakers and Casio floors organize this game. Therefore, it is very simple to play. Wherever you play, the rules are the same. However, this does not mean that reputation and professionalism are guaranteed everywhere. In fact, it can be seen that there are many lottery bookmakers in the world. With just one search for online bookmakers on the internet, you will receive hundreds of results. Hundreds of bookmakers will send you attractive offers. But please note that not all playgrounds can be played. Many websites are created for fraudulent purposes. A reputable house is the first thing you need to know to truly feel secure when playing. New88 is the number 1 address to get this.

 How to play scratch cards online

 Playing scratch cards is very simple and quick. Each game consists of players competing against each other or you can also play directly against the dealer. Each player is dealt cards and points are calculated based on those cards. Scoring rules are as follows:

  •  Being an Ace is one point
  • Cards from 2 to 10 have corresponding points
  • The cards J, Q, K each count as 10 points

The number of points per game is the unit of the total number of cards the player receives. Whoever has the closest score to 9 is the winner. In addition, you can refer to itWhat is catte? How to play cards Catte always wins
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Tips for playing scratch cards: Secret ways to deal 9-button scratch cards

 In general, all red and black lottery games contain an element of luck. This creates magical attraction and the player’s desire to explore. But for experienced players, success cannot depend entirely on luck. Card playing tips and secrets for dealing 9-button scratch cards are the key to hundreds of wins.

 Secret way to deal 9-button scratch cards:

 To achieve 9 buttons, experts have shown the formula for dealing cards with five hands as follows: “Discard – Middle – Discard – Upper – Lower”. This is a technique used when collecting cards to deal for the next game. This deal will determine the chance of winning the hand.

  • Fold: The first set of 3 cards that you do not need to pay attention to because it will not affect the score of the hand.
  • Middle: The card you need to take will be in the middle
  •  Discard: continue the set of 3 cards that you don’t need to care about
  • Above: The second card you need to take is on top
  • Below: The third and last card to take is at the bottom

This way of dealing cards is quite briefly explained as above, but to be able to do it smoothly requires practice. Once you truly grasp the Tips for playing scratch cards, the secret of how to deal 9-button scratch cards, you will definitely achieve great success.

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