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2022’s latest live TV software: 1000+ live channels!

Nowadays, many TV boxes in 2022 have very rich on-demand content. It is very convenient to watch blockbusters and follow dramas. However, because of relevant policy restrictions, if you want to watch live TV, you still need to use some third-party TV software. Which are the best live TV software? Today I will recommend it to you.

The first: HDP live broadcast

HDP Live is an Android app that focuses on live TV. The interface is simple, aggregates more than 1000 Internet channels and maintains daily updates. At the same time, it has functions such as review, program preview, collection, etc., so that you don’t miss any latest programs, digital channel selection by remote control, fast channel change, automatic switching of multiple sources, a variety of custom program list methods, and the gameplay is optional.

The second: TV cat

TV Cat Video is an aggregated video application that can be installed on smart TVs or smart boxes (such as Tmall Magic Box). Currently, it is providing tens of millions of home users with massive on-demand video streaming from major video sites on the Internet, as well as live channels from CCTV/Satellite TV/local stations, and the homepage of information clips supports video simulcasting.

Item 3: Magic Video 2

Magic Video 2 provides users with more than 800+ live TV stations, sports channels, satellite TV high-definition channels, local channels and other rich live channel resources, and also includes a large number of video resources and daily popular episodes and movies. renew. The live channel is maintained continuously and in real time by dedicated personnel, supports intelligent multi-source switching, and provides users with a smooth live broadcast experience.

Item 4: Live TV

Live TV aggregates thousands of direct channels including CCTV, satellite TV, local, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The speed of changing channels is fast, and the playback is smooth and stable. All use video hard solution technology, with good picture quality and low CPU consumption. Support digital channel selection and function table selection, providing the most perfect live TV experience.

Item 5: Live Streaming Emperor • Sports Live Streaming

The Live King provides fans with link information for live broadcast and review of NBA, Chinese Super League, Premier League, La Liga, AFC Champions League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Olympic Games, European Cup, Copa America and other events. The Live Emperor provides multiple live link information, different commentaries, highlights and the whole show for you to choose from. At the same time, it provides live link information of sports stations such as CCTV5, Guangzhou Sports, Five Star, and Beijing Sports.

All the above live broadcast software can be downloaded and installed on the Sofa Butler client with one click. For example, if you want to search for “Live TV”, you only need to enter “DSZB” to see the search results.

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