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How to classify seafood?

Do you know that how you can find fresh seafood? Are you aware from different  the types of seafood? Wealthy are many different types of seafood and they are originated from the marine life. You can choose the Fish on its type of classification you want to eat because the marine life creatures are classified on the basis of edible and healthy fishes.

Seafood is considered as best in your diet and you should consume only regular basis. If you do not want to consume it on regular basis then you can try them out twice or three days a week. But you must remember that fresh seafood gives you a lot of benefit and this world she would give adverse a fact to your body if you consume them.

Choose them voice the while you picking up the sea food and if you don’t have knowledge how to select seafood then you should learn from this article. Because in this article you will learn what are the classification of seafood that help you to fresh choose seafood.

See food is common in Japanese and different variety of seafood also originated from Japanese. They love eating sea food in everyday because they know the benefits and proper classification of healthy fishes. If you also want to know what are the classification and what are they help benefits of them so let’s start find out together.

Classification of seafood

Safe for our classified into three categories on the basis of their appearance, taste, health benefits, and texture. This classifications are edible to eat and found easily all over the world but they are important export from the countries near to Pacific Ocean. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • White fish
  • Oily fish
  • Shell fish

These three are the major categories of seafood but these three have various fishes under these categories. So without any further ado let start with white fish.

  1. White fish

White fish is very commonly found in the sea food and widely used in the dishes. Work this is so healthy that it has less than 5% of fat. The major reason that most people consume white fish is because it is low in fat and wouldn’t cause any side effect to the human body.

When something isn’t affecting you then why shouldn’t you consume that? It is a common reason that why most people in the world prefer white fish our oily fish. They are found in tropical and subtropical environment. This is not a single variety but further wide wishes is also classify into many types of fishes. White fish are particular forms the advantages and these fish are with fins.

White fish is known for mild-flavor fish but sometimes it can also be a slide sweet fish. It can be used in different recipes through Pan frying, baking are using in soup. White fish include bass, code, grouper haddock, Alaska Pollock and halibut.

  1. Oily fish

As the name indicate that they are high in fat content. Approximately it contains 10 to 25% fat in fishes. Oily face are high in police unsaturated fatty acid which can be a bit risky for human body but they have a dark and which is high in nutritional value. Oily face include Sardines w Salman and herring.

  1. Shell fish

Shellfish is also name as because they have shell and indigestible skin. These fish are cooked in low heat but require a lot of effort to cook This wishes include lobsters prawns, crabs, oyster’s and muscles .


I hope that in this article you will learn the classification of fishes and their health benefits as well.

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