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Important Essentials To Check Before Launching A WordPress Site

Are you also one of those thinking about launching or re-launching your website in WordPress? There are several websites that appear or get launched on the web daily. Hence it is important to ensure that your website is dense out amongst others. Considering the same, here we have given details about all the important factors that you need to know before launching a word press website. So, let’s get started.

Get Started

In the starting phase, it’s important for you to select the right web host for your project. Usually, it has been found that people launch their sites with basic word press hosting, while in many cases, people prefer to choose the managed word press hosting for launching their sites.

Install A Backup Solution For WordPress

Setting up a backup solution is one of the most important factors that you must consider for your site. It is just like an insurance policy that will help you in recovering and retrieving your website data whenever something gets wrong. There are several free and paid backup plugins of word press available that you can use for this work. Additionally, you can set the automatic skate dual backup on cloud storage services like Google drive, backup buddy, Dropbox, or others.

Must Secure WordPress Site From Hackers

Word press is the most popular content management system platform available. And there are several hackers who usually forget the sites available on this platform. Hence, it is necessary for you to ensure the security of your site.

Must Check Your WordPress Site For 404 Errors

If you are launching or have launched a new website, then the 404 error can prove to be a bad user experience. It is necessary for you to ensure that all the pages available at your site are loading properly and correctly. Additionally, there should be no missing links there. For this, you can also consider adding your website to the Google webmaster tools. This will update you whenever the crawl reports 404 errors.

Set Up Email

Failing in sending or receiving emails from the word press website is one of the most common issues that usually users face. Sometimes, the email notification gets delivered, and sometimes not. The major reason behind this is, the mail service is usually considered email spoofing.

Must Keep A Check On All The Forms

Once your email setup is done, then it is important for you to ensure that all the forms available on your website are working properly and accurately. You must check the comment forms, subscription forms, and contact forms properly. If you are running a multi-user word press or multi-author website, then it is necessary for you to check out the registration and login forms.

E-Commerce sites

For the business owner, it is necessary for you to think according to the perspective of the user and browse through the products accordingly. In case you are selling the products digitally, then you must ensure that it is delivered promptly. Additionally, in the case of physical goods, we must ensure the smooth completion of the orders.

Must Check The Videos Images And Sliders

The videos and images help in making a website more interactive. It is important for you to ensure that the images and videos are added to the website appropriately. You must try to play all your videos on different web browsers as well as devices.

Test The Integration Of Social Media

In order to launch any product successfully, social media plays an important role, and hence it is important for you to ensure that you are not missing even minute detail. It is important for you to ensure that the user is not feeling any difficulty while looking for getting your business on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Must Test The Performances

During the development phase, the issues related to performance are a major concern. Hence, before launching the website, it is necessary to test the site properly. Additionally, you must check the speed of the site with the help of tools like Google page speed for Pingdom. It is necessary for you to understand that speed is not only important for user experience but also from the SEO aspect; it plays an equally important role. If you are facing problems with the speed factor, then you can hire an SEO specialist to get rid of the problem.

Install The Google Analytics

If you don’t know how you were users are interacted interacting with your site, you will not be able to improve yourself. For this, you can install Google analytics, and through this, you can easily track the interaction of the readers. Before launching oversight, we must install Google analytics.

Check SEO

Search Engine Optimization is also one of the major sources for generating organic traffic for every website. If you are willing to optimize your website for the search engines, then it is necessary for you to check out the factors. By hiring SEO experts, you can easily get the best strategies to enhance the ranking of your website in ERP.

For example, if you feel that your website needs on-site optimization, you can hire reliable teams like WebCitz that offer effective on-page seo services that can cater to all your requirements in the best possible manner.

Check Robots.Txt File

If you want the search engines to crawl to your website easily, then it is important for you to have the robots.txt file.


If you execute the above-given practice is properly, then it will surely bring success to your website.

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