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New grants aim to keep digital media, post-production jobs in Alberta

The Alberta government says two new pilot grant programs will make it easier for Albertans searching for work in the digital media, post-production sectors.

The $3-million grants will help cover labour costs for post-production and digital media companies, with a focus on new hires.

“We know that these sectors do not work in isolation but rather support each other and support a dynamic and creative environment, an environment that provides opportunities for talented Albertans to work here at home,” Culture and Tourism Minister Ricardo Miranda said.

The province says the $1.5-million Interactive Digital Media grant will cover up to 35 per cent of eligible labour expenses for new hires and will create around 60 full-time jobs.

The province estimates the grant will create around 60 full-time jobs.

The $1.5-million Post-production, Digital Animation and Visual Effects grant will cover up to 18 per cent of eligible Alberta labour expenses. The grant is estimated to attract and retain up to 80 projects, according to the province.

“These grants are timely to insure that they will be able to use their skills in the industry that they have trained for,” Miranda said.

“The businesses that have comprised these two important sectors benefit from having a talent pool that is matured right here in Alberta, and the province benefits from having such a vibrant, dynamic cultural industry sector.”

The grants were developed through the Capital Investment Tax Credit with the consultation of industry stakeholders, and will target small- and medium-sized businesses.

“It’s been a lot of work on behalf of the ministry and the association in trying to get the post-production grant going. It’s vital to keep post-production work here in Alberta. It’s very important. It’ll get more students working,” Mark Wood, Alberta Post Production Association member, said.

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, with a maximum of $200,000 of funding per company.

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