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Qianxi… Who is the most popular? Netizens like him the most

Recently, in a “Wake Up Official” public welfare selection activity initiated by Alipay official micro, Sa Beining, with the “one blood book” recommended by netizens, was nominated, liked and ranked by many netizens, and in one fell swoop surpassed Yi. Yang Qianxi, Huang Minghao, Yu Shuxin and other traffic stars occupy the first place on the list.

  The result can’t help but arouse heated discussion among netizens: no matter how good fans are, they can’t beat the passers-by! Sa Beining is the first choice for anti-fraud!

  In recent years, the ratio of young deceived people in online fraud has been on the rise. It is reported that this “Wake Up Officials” public welfare selection activity was jointly launched by China Police Network and Alipay. Invite customer service, call the deceived young people together to remind the risk, and call to listen to advice.

  In July last year, Alipay launched a “wake-up hotline”: when the intelligent security system recognizes that there is a high fraud risk in a transaction, it will not only suspend the transaction to protect the account, but also take the initiative to call the user to reveal the fraud risk.

  However, customer service research shows that when receiving Alipay’s anti-fraud “wake-up hotline”, 30% of the young people responded that they did not listen to the persuasion and were eventually deceived by transferring money through various platforms. In order to increase the “wake-up rate”, Alipay recruited the first celebrity public welfare “wake-up officer” through its official Weibo network, and netizens selected the “reliable voice they want to hear the most”.

  In the face of girls from all walks of life making lists of their own traffic “Idol”, Sa Beining stood out and became Alipay’s first celebrity public welfare “wake-up officer”. It is not easy. The image of Yizhuang Yixie, who can set fire to variety shows and play treasures, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

  In the list, “You protect the world, I protect you”, “I don’t want you to think! I want me to think! Listen to me! ta is a liar”, I don’t see men’s vision Accurate, but the liar is very accurate” and so on are the high-voted answers selected by netizens.

  Among them, the reason for nominating is the most convincing, because within 5 seconds he can speak twice as much as a person, which can be said to be a cost-effective choice!

  However, it was Sa Beining’s sentence “I will transfer money regardless of risk, I will wait for you today”, and some netizens even made a debut poster for him, counting his “perfect resume”.

  He also dug up his previous experience of swindling liars, saying that he “has rich experience in related industries and has his own channels to provide liars with one-stop service from prison to showing on the show”,

  If Teacher Sa can really make his debut as a wake-up official, he should be able to “dissuade” many young people who are on the verge of being deceived.

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