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Which TV box is better? 2022 TV Box Rankings Revealed

Nowadays, the replacement of digital products is too fast, and the people are dizzy and confused . Looking for after-sales service in three days and two ends, it only adds to the troubles. Fortunately, today we have dug out a list of the latest TV box rankings in the industry, TV box sports programs , for your reference, so that everyone can find a good box that suits them best and enjoy a good TV time.

1. Taijie box Webox 30Pro

Taijie box has always been a benchmark in the field of TV boxes. Its video resources are super massive, and most of them support free viewing, not only supporting high-definition, but also ensuring stable and smooth playback, no freezes, no flashbacks, no ads, and extremely fast buffering. , Putting Taijie Box as the first place on the list is the best choice that no one can object to. Those who are familiar with Taijie Box know that Taijie has various intellectual property rights, unique six core technologies, and 341 technical optimization points. There are even dozens of technical patents. A strong technical background is the biggest magic weapon for Taijie to stand at the top of the industry.

In addition, the operating system of Taijie Box also provides excellent services for users. The Taijie team includes top technical talents at home and abroad. When developing and designing products, they are not exaggerated or piled up, go deep into the market, and adhere to a pragmatic and refined design. Wind, the operating system of Taijie is simple and easy to understand, complicated but not chaotic, so that the elderly and children can easily control it, and the details show their sincerity.

However, the success of Taijie Box is not only about this, but also about products and services. Taijie Box has always been committed to bringing warmth to users through technology, and hopes to use technology to connect families more closely. Last year’s prayer event for 10,000 people went out of our country and brought users more warmth and happiness, said It is a box that brings happiness to everyone. It is the most suitable! Now, many well-known media in the circle have jokingly called Taijie Box as a new Internet celebrity in the field of TV boxes, leading everyone, encountering good fortune, and getting lucky!

2. Skyworth Q+ second generation box

Most of the fans of the Skyworth Q+ second-generation box are young people who pursue individuality and uniqueness, because first of all, its appearance is very special. Different from other square or square appearances, it is a rounded triangle with blue water droplets built-in. shape LED. Function aside, it looks really good. However, the most important thing about the product is the function. The resources of the Q+ second-generation box are not rich, and there will be lag when watching high-definition video. If you don’t watch TV for a long time, it can also be used at home, at least as a decoration.

3. Haimedi H6 box

Although Haimeidi H7 version and Q10 have been launched, many old users still miss the H6, the Mango Hi box. When it was newly launched, there were some brand-bound resources built-in, so it attracted many users’ choice. Moreover, the H6 box was the first to launch the Bluetooth voice function at that time. Many people wanted to try something new. When this function was launched as a trial period, it was actually not easy to use. arguing, very funny.

4. Mi Box 3S

At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi officials have been blowing that the Mi Box 4 is coming out, so maybe the sales of the Mi Box 3S may be affected. Let’s put the Mi Box 4 aside for the time being. Just talking about the 3S box, its resources are not small, and the product performance and after-sales are naturally not mentioned. The only dissatisfaction is that there are too many advertisements for the Mi Box. Why do we not pay attention to the user experience and ignore the evaluation of consumers? I sincerely hope that Xiaomi Box will pay more attention to the user experience and reduce or reduce the time and frequency of advertisements while making the products well.

5. Tmall’s Box 3

Tmall’s Box is a box with mixed feelings. Why do you say that? People who like Magic Box love its fiery appearance, rich video resources, and the ease of one-click shopping… On the contrary, people who hate Magic Box hate it. The same massive amount of advertisements as videos, as well as its unique Alibaba Cloud system, especially when it does not say hello, it forces you to upgrade and delete the APP you downloaded… The so-called fish and bear’s paw, you can’t have both, choose a magic box , you must be careful and see what function you need most?

The so-called buy the most right is not necessarily the most expensive, good products are especially for specific target group users, there is a ranking recommended by senior users in the industry, everyone should buy rationally, treat the selected products rationally, and do not make trouble Don’t worry, watch the show happily, and spend a good leisure time with your family.

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