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Anbo Box is the most popular four live broadcast software, watch 1000+ live broadcast stations

How to watch live TV on Ambow Box ? Which software and free resources are available? Compared with this, many users are eager to know, especially users with elderly and children at home. The elderly and children do not know much about technological products, and often have headaches because of these problems. Today, the editor recommends four must-have live broadcast software for you to completely solve this problem!

The first bullet: the best live on-demand software of the year • Taijie Video

On the homepage of Taijie Video, you can quickly add live broadcast functions (“Add Application” button, you can add a large number of functions with one click), watch Hunan TV, Dongfang TV, Beijing TV, and even national satellite TV channels, CCTV series channels, and watch various provinces. The total number of local channels in the city is as high as 1000+, which is the best choice for home users.

Taijie Video also aggregates hundreds of thousands of genuine and free film and television resources from Tencent, LeTV, etc. Recently, the popular dramas “The Rise of the Qin Empire”, ” Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms “, etc., as well as children Many popular cartoons such as “Little Pig Peppa Pig” and “New Big Head Son and Little Head Dad” can be watched for free on Taijie Video for the first time.

2. More than 100 high-definition TV stations • HDP live broadcast

HDP live broadcast is a classic and stable live broadcast software, which can watch more than 100 TV channels. The classic UI interface and convenient operation process are two magic weapons that are deeply loved by users. In addition, HDP live broadcast also supports custom functions, expanding to watch more massive live channels!

3. The new UI interface is refreshing. Mars Live

Mars Live is famous for its high-definition TV live broadcast. It has about 100 high-definition TV live channels. The current TV screen is getting bigger and bigger, but there are few live broadcast software that exceeds HD channels. Mars Live is the first choice for users who are looking for picture quality. !

4. Streamlined functions operate smoothly and live broadcast

Live Pie is an emerging compact live broadcast software with few functions, but refined, highlighting the main live broadcast functions, special channel functions, and a fresh and simple UI interface, making the operation very simple and convenient.

2022 Anbo Box latest third-party software installation tutorial:

1. The first step, of course, is to download the latest installation package of the software from the official website, highlighting a green and safe!

2. Anbo Box American TV series , take Taijie Video as an example, copy its installation file to the U disk, insert it into the Ambow Box USB socket, then you will see an automatic pop-up window, click “Open”:

3. Find the installation file on the follow-up page. After the installation is complete, you can watch HD TV live and on-demand (if you receive a prompt “whether to install apps from unknown sources”, click Allow):

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