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How To Avoid Temptation & Stick With The Diet

This is so easily said than done. You are at your aggressive best the first three days of starting the diet. You look at those who eat junk food most contemptuously and even loudly wonder why these gluttons cannot follow a healthy lifestyle. You will have become the epitome of everything good and healthy. You coax, persuade, cajole, pressurize, threaten and even blackmail everyone into following suit.

Now, on the fourth day, a minor change in attitude starts to happen. The sugar cravings, which were hitherto shown the back door, slowly appear from nowhere and start to peep out of the louver window of your “Berlin Wall” of defenses. The ever-sweet, all forgiving, mouth watering, luscious beauty of “Black Forest” cake winks at you from across the kitchen shelf. A low moan escapes your throat, as your mind is flooded with all the memories of good moments of ecstasy you and this cake shared. But it is only the fourth day and there is still some vestige of willpower left in you. With tears in your eyes and a last parting glance at the lovely piece of enrapturing beauty of “Black Forest”, you move out of the kitchen and walk up the stairs to your bedroom. Your heart is laden with the heaviness of having to part with someone whose only endeavor was to make your palate and mind feel good. The phone starts to ring. It is your best friend on the line,” Hey, what the heck is happening? I haven’t seen you in three days. I am at the Ajay Bakery munching a loaf of sweet plum cake. Come over fast”. Suddenly, all your heaviness is gone. So are the guilt pangs of being tempted by that “Black Forest”. You change into jeans and ride off to meet your friend at the bakery. She was so sweet as to order your favorite delicacy and have it ready by the time you arrived. You take a long look at that “sweetie pie” on the table.

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A long, sigh laden with a heavy emotional charge, escapes your chest. And you fall all over your “sweetie pie” with all the passion of a woman who ran into her lover, whom she has not seen in months, in her bedroom And then you turn around to kick that mothe..fu…er diet plan out of the window for a big six.. Now I have got callouses on my behind from being kicked so many thousand times by all those who cheat on the diet. And if I don’t do something about it. I would end up being the first person on earth with a cancerous growth on the rump.

So, here it is in a nutshell.

1. Be prepared in your mind for the eventual “slip and fall”. You will cheat on the diet some day or other. So what? It is not the end of your life. It also does not have to be the end of the diet either. You start from where you stopped. After having given in to temptations, you have let some steam out of your mind and
now try to get back to the diet and follow it strictly

2. Remember those incidents that tempted you and finally got you to side step and take the wrong track. Try not to fall into the same groove again.

3. The day you start to diet is the day your friends decide to give you a long-promised treat. It may also happen that the next day, your best friend is getting married. So what? It is not the end of your life. You enjoy, make merry, and come back with a vengeance to get back to the diet.

4. Try your best not give up exercise, whatever happens. This act makes sure that you are not going to get fatter than you are now, whatever you do.

5. Do not ever tell anyone you are on a diet. Your friends are going to laugh at you, tease you and your parents, sibblings and the family are going say” oh, yeah!? Now this is the 42nd time you are on a diet. Please do not make an as..er..donkey of yourself”. If you have to say it, tell them that you are on an
ayurvedic medication which require that you stick to certain food habits.

6. Look at yourself in the mirror and try to like what you see there. Try hard to like it. Did you do that? Ok, now TRY HARDER TO LOVE YOU!!!. It is very important to do so. You cannot do anything for a person you don’t like very much, now do you? Smile at yourself with your eyes for about two minutes in the morning and evening. Keep your face and lips from following up that smile in the eyes. And when you talk to those people who ridicule you, smile at them with your eyes and remember you have to love yourself whatever he says. And not you, try to like that person too. Believe me, it helps to make things easy for you. and very fast too.

7. Try to make sure, that you follow a small part of the diet strictly every day and also that you will yield to temptations only once a day and at a certain fixed time.

8. Remember to smile at this fight in your mind, this tussle your sugar cravings has with your will power. Try not to be heartbroken when the will power loses out. But simply smile with all your heart. Remember, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that cannot be won with a sweet smile.

9. Look at your sugar cravings as though you would look at sweet little kid. Smile at all the tricks it plays on your will power and mind and very slowly you will find that you are beginning to master the craving and win the battle of the bulge in the must effortless way.

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