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If you feel pain or discomfort in your hands or arms

About discomfort in hands and arms

Do you feel any discomfort in your hands or arms?

There are various ways to feel discomfort in your hands and arms, such as when you feel pain, numbness, or tension.

It is quite possible that your arms and hands may hurt due to your usual lifestyle, so don’t leave that discomfort and find out the cause of these symptoms. Is also very important.

The simplest example of the cause of discomfort in the hands and arms is overuse of the arms and hands.

After using your hands and arms violently in ball games, you may feel a sense of discomfort. It is said that there are many cases of Kagoshima manipulative treatment who come to the hospital with such symptoms. After all, in this case, the feeling of discomfort has occurred due to muscle labor, so resting should alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Even if you are at rest, your muscles will become stiff even if you just stay still, so it is recommended to have the teacher of Setagaya Seitai often massage the joints of your arms and hands when you take a bath. I did.

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About numbness

If you have a feeling of discomfort in your hands or arms that is accompanied by pain and numbness, you need to be careful.

“Numbness” can be a precursor to some serious illness, a warning, or a sign, so you must not miss these signals and investigate the cause of your numbness. Hmm.

Numbness also includes acute numbness and chronic numbness. If it is acute, it will heal immediately, but if it is chronic, discomfort and discomfort will continue on a daily basis, so it is quite possible that some serious cause is hidden. In Ebisu manipulative treatment, he suggested that he should see a doctor instead of leaving it as it is, considering that a very dangerous illness such as cerebral infarction may be hidden. If treatment is delayed and it is too late for something that can be cured by early treatment, the disease may progress and it may be difficult to recover.

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