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ZTT’s Conductor Solutions: Empowering Efficient Power Transmission

ZTT, with over 70 years of experience, is a trusted provider of conductor solutions for efficient power transmission. With a comprehensive range of conductor types and a focus on innovation, ZTT leads the industry with its conductor solutions. In this article, we will explore ZTT’s conductor offerings, their commitment to advanced technology, and their successful implementation in key projects.

Comprehensive Range of Conductor Types

ZTT offers a wide selection of conductor types to cater to various transmission needs. From AAC, AAAC, and ACAR conductors to ACSR, AACSR, TACSR, INVAR, GAP, and ACSS conductors, ZTT provides versatile solutions for different applications. Each conductor type is designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements and performance standards.

Innovation and Advanced Technology

ZTT’s dedication to innovation is evident in their pioneering development of big cross-section conductors, high-strength aluminum alloy conductors, thermal-resistant conductors, and other specialized products. By utilizing advanced technologies, ZTT ensures that their conductors achieve international standards and deliver exceptional performance in challenging environments.

Successful Implementation in Key Projects

ZTT’s conductor solutions have been widely applied in domestic key projects, demonstrating their reliability and effectiveness. Additionally, ZTT has expanded its reach globally, exporting conductor solutions to countries such as Thailand, Zambia, and India. A notable project where ZTT’s conductors have made a significant impact is the 230kV Barren Ridge Renewable Transmission Project in the USA.


ZTT’s conductor solutions are at the forefront of empowering efficient power transmission. With their comprehensive range of conductor types, commitment to innovation, and successful implementation in key projects, ZTT continues to set industry standards. By choosing ZTT as your conductor partner, you can trust in their expertise, advanced technology, and proven track record to enhance the reliability and performance of your transmission networks.

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