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250 cc motorcycles have firmly entered our lives due to modern design, balance of quality and price. A modern consumer can hardly determine whether a motorcycle is Chinese or Japanese, and a potential buyer no longer thinks about which motorcycle to buy, choosing between a new Chinese motorcycle and a used 10-year-old “Japanese”, choosing the first option. The Catalog of Chinese motorcycles is constantly expanding, and prices have stabilized in 2019, and along with the growing demand for motorcycles among the population, there is an increase in the two-wheeled fraternity throughout the country, which has a good effect on sales in motorcycle shops. But before buying a motorcycle, every future owner has a question; “what Chinese motorcycle to buy?” or what to choose; “Chinese motocross bike”, “Chinese chopper” or “Chinese sportbike” ???

The following is an overview of Chinese motorcycles with a volume of 250 cc, power from 15 to 25 hp. 

Engines . First of all, you need to consider the technical data and engines that are installed on 250cc motorcycle models.

The most popular and common motors are; 165FMM, 166FMM, 167FMM, 169FMM and 170FMM air-cooled with or without balancer shaft, with two valves per cylinder. The engines are very good (of Japanese origin, installed on Japanese vehicles in the 80-90s), it is almost impossible to overheat, the resource is long, subject to regular oil changes. There are also varieties of installed engines with four valves per cylinder and water-cooled, like 170MMF. Dynamics, of course, increases resources too, but the cost of such an engine is much higher, which significantly affects the price of the motorcycle as a whole …. Otherwise, the technical stuffing is usually the same; telescopic fork, jet carburetor, 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes. Every year, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers adapt their equipment with new technological solutions in the form of LED turn signals and brake lights, ventilated brake discs, an electronic instrument panel, etc., and very soon on stock motorcycles, we will see a gas-oil fork and, no wonder , – injector. The Chinese motorcycle industry is developing rapidly, which has a good effect on the demand for motorcycles around the world….

Now about the models of motorcycles from the “celestial” in 250 cm3. Here, as it should be, each manufacturer has a lineup of bikes that corresponds to a comprehensive line of motorcycle modifications that are in demand in the motorcycle community. The main trends in the world of moto are the well-known classic road bikes, sportbikes, choppers and motocross bikes (or enduros). Consider the most popular motorcycles in the country, starting with the sportbike.


Sporty and streamlined motorcycles have always attracted active people to meet their adrenaline needs. Chinese sport bikes help to take the first step to the world of serious moto “bolides”, accustoming their pilots to the correct landing and features of handling and braking “sport”. That is why replicas of famous models were created in the form of Wels Superior 250 , with air cooling, led-gadgets and super appearance. Do not pass by the Falcon Terrail 250 cm³ , with the same data and modernization every year, and with its clone from the manufacturer Pegas – Triumph 250. Who wants a hot technique, then look towards the water-cooled sportbike – Motoland R1 250 Pro. The external appearance with the internal stuffing of these motorcycles commands respect, but the cost of motos is noticeably more expensive. It’s up to you to choose …. And you can see a detailed list of Chinese sports bikes in 2022 at the link of the motorcycle store.

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Cross bike

Also popular with motorcycle athletes, but with an eye not to smooth asphalt, but off-piste cross-country skiing. The most popular volume among Chinese enduros is, of course, 250cc. Models of cross-country motorcycles without PTS are supplied in the market (there is no way to register and get numbers) and enduro with PTS (traffic in urban conditions is possible and, as a rule, softer suspension and more comfort). The leader among sales in cross-country motorcycles is the Motoland XR 250 Enduro with a TCP, which replaced the Irbis TTR 250. Its full-fledged counterpart without a TCP is the Motoland XR 250 Lite motorcycle . The manufacturer Racer has an excellent endurik –  Panther 250 with pts and R19x17 wheels, and by the spring of 19, the arrival of the Panther 300 with oil cooling, pts and R21x18 wheels is expected.   

Also, among the universal cross-country motorcycles, it is worth paying attention to travelers Motoland GS 250  with the characteristics of a cross-country motorcycle and its analogue from the Racer – Ranger RC300-GY8 . With such motorcycles, all roads from asphalt to off-road are open. If, however, you need a cross-country enduro without PTS, then there are  Fireguard 250 and  Fighter TSR 250 Cross models. Perfect compatibility with pilots from 186 cm tall.

And you can not pass by a motorcycle imprisoned for hooliganism in urban conditions, called supermoto or motard – X-Moto ZR250, with water cooling, high ground clearance and road tires. Jump over curbs, wheelies, stoppies – the bike is capable of a lot….


Models of Chinese choppers \are not inferior in their charisma and design to world-famous motorcycle manufacturers. A popular cubic capacity is usually 250 cubic meters. Loose fit with legs stretched forward, large handlebars, luggage cases, arches. A review of choppers from China should start with Lifan LF250, a detailed copy of the Japanese “Witch”, but with a less powerful engine, aka Lifan Destingo . Next, it is worth noting the Garpia chopper from the manufacturer Irbis, with a windshield, a backrest for the passenger and an abundance of chrome. Suppliers from Wels followed in his footsteps and design, organizing sales of a chopper called Trophy in the country., but with a different engine (170FMM) and original military coloring. Not wanting to lose on sales of choppers in the country, in 2015 a chopper model from X-Moto appeared on the market – Road Star 250 , with the same design as the Trophy, but in interesting colors, like matte black and matte green. Also, the chopper model from Omaks, with two different engines, takes its place in the world of sales, it is recommended to consider.

In general, every fan of chopper motorcycles will find and be able to pick up a chopper from China at an affordable price and operate it for a long time, delighting himself and those around him with beautiful equipment ….

Road Bike

He is a classic motorcycle, naked, street. Everyone who has tried himself on a classic motorcycle will always remain faithful to this model. This is facilitated by a comfortable, again, classic fit, a comfortable steering wheel with an easy-to-read dashboard, a double saddle, sometimes with a trunk. The cubic capacity of road bikes starts at 110 cc, but we will consider the “Chinese” with a volume of 250 cc. such as – Racer Flash RC250-GY8X  with water cooling. Very beautiful and affordable road bikes with good technical stuffing and newfangled appearance – Wels  CBR 300 or  Ghost 250,  for example, will be excellent options in the garage of any biker both due to the design and due to the quality of moto components. Another version of the classic moto –  Motoland X6 250 . All motorcycles are in demand throughout the country (sales of our motorcycle shop prove it)!

And you can not pass by the road builder with dropsy –  Regulmoto T-Leopard 250 . Well, very excellent quality and those. filling. There would be more of these motorcycles in the country and people would stop “blaming” Chinese motorcycles!

This completes the review of Chinese motorcycles in 250 cc. Cross-country motorcycles from China, enduros, choppers, sportbikes and other models of road motorcycles were subjected to an express review. 

As you can see, the 250cc motorcycle market is out of the sky.a lot in the country. It is not difficult to buy them, thanks to shops and Internet portals. Prices for “Chinese” are quite affordable for any working citizen. Demand increases every year, because driving a motorcycle is a great pleasure both for a young man at the age of 16-20, and for adults from 30 to 60 years old. There are plenty of photo and video reviews on the Internet, there are also a great many owner forums for each model – read, study, choose according to appearance, price, etc.

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